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  • WUPROHYD design office for over 30 years provides the following services: design, investor`s supervision, expertise, technical consulting, study-works and execution of "turnkey" structures with a specialization in hydrotechnical structures.


  • Our office consists of engineers whose professional experience comes from the marine design office. They are the authors of many projects (analysis, concepts, technical-economic assumptions, technical projects, expertises) performed for more than 40 years. Next to the experienced staff the backbone of the company are young engineers, graduates of hydrotechnical and geotechnical engineering of Gdansk University of Technology.


  • WUPROHYD specializes in the design of new, renovation and reconstruction of existing quays, including increasing their operating parameters, the construction of marinas, regulations and strenghthening of the sea shore, study-works (for the ZMPG S.C. we have made the concept of the target track of the fairway for the Port of Gdańsk, and the concept of /in stages/ construction of the ferry terminal in North Port in Gdansk).


  • Youthful passion, energy and commitment, combined with experience and knowledge make the final result is a product of the highest quality.