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Reconstructing of the coastal protection in Gdynia Oksywie

Remont i odbudowa umocnienia brzegowego w rejonie Oksywia


July, 2015   





Director of Maritime Office in Gdynia





The coastal fortification is being repaired and rebuilt. 

The project will be completed the part of Zatoka Pucka coast from Gdynia Port of War to the north in the direction of the Fishing Village located on the border of Oksywie and Babie Doly. This area is a part of Kepa Oksywska, which is vast, a slightly undulated heighted with craggy cliff (30 - 40 m high). The edge of the cliff is a type of abrasive edge, which means that in the past the part of land was much bigger. The current position of a shoreline is kept artificially by the bank protection.  


The first protective structures of shoreline – wooden spurs, and the band made of stones and concrete in the area of the Oksywie was built around 1905. They were located on the most extended eastern part of the shoreline from Port of War. The protection constructions were systematically being  rebuilt towards northern port up to Fishing Village which was to strongly destroyed in 60’s.


The age of the structure and difficult hydrodynamic conditions influenced on the strong damage or even total degradation. This is why the Maritime Office asked company to prepare the project of repairing and reconstructing the bank in the area of Oksywie.  

We designed a mixed construction, which used a retaining wall and overhead stones. The wall will separate the Baltic sea from a new walk path. Broken stone of weight 900 kg (average component) and dimension of element 65÷75 cm is the top layer of the breakwater from the sea side.


A new walking path will be built all along the planned strengthening of the shore (a width of 3 ÷5 m, length approx. 1.7 km).


The photos of bank protection before and during reconstruction below: