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Reconstruction of Oliwskie Quay in Port of Gdansk

Przebudowa Nabrzeża Oliwskiego w Porcie Gdańsk


April, 2015   





Administration of Maritime Office in Gdynia S.C.





The Oliwskie Quay on section 4 a (length 100m) – stage 1 is rebuilt in Port of Gdansk. Construction and executive project made by our office in May 2012 is a base of work. Before the project we prepared a concept of rebuilding this section of quay (WUPROHYD, June, 2011).


General assumptions remodeling project:

  • Extension of the existing fender line about 100 m in the direction of ferry base.
  • Altitude of quay adapter to the elevation of the altitude of border sections of Oliwskie Quay (+2.04 Kr).
  • Completin of the Stage 1 with temporary strengthening.
  • Demolition of the existing structure of Olwskie Quay on section which below to stage 1.

The scope of the reconstruction project (stage 1, Phase 1 – temporary construction):

  • Function – designed quay with the possibility of the short-term stop for small boats without possibility of reloading, equipped with mooring (capacity 10 t) and fender beams; a temporary patch (path mooring and come to the path).
  • Technical depth near the designed section Ht= 7.0m (depth permissible Hp=8.5m).
  • To provide a depth of 10.30 m at the existing section of quay on a 10 m designed construction a new transitional section will be built a transition from (the bottom altitude) 10.30 m to 7.0 m.

The scope of the reconstruction expected in the future (stage 1, Phase 2 – target construction):

  • Function – designed construction should be universal, reloading quay with plate construction, with boom crane tracks (gauge 16.0 m, load rails 30 t/m) and a mooring and fender, allowing operation of a mobile crane LHM 400 (payload 30 kN/m2).
  • Technical depth of designed section Ht=10.30 with no strengthening at the bottom, and depth permissible Hp=14.30m.