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The dredging of the Port of Gdynia to the depth of 16 m has started

Rozpoczęto pogłębianie Portu Gdynia do głębokości 16m

Works related to the deepening of the internal waters of the Port of Gdynia to a depth of 16 m have started. The designed volume of dredging works along with dredging tolerance amounts to ~4 million cubic meters!! and the area covered by the works is ~1.6 million square meters!!


This unusual construction project, covering most port basins, in addition to the dredging works, also included the demolition of the bottom protections, the reconstruction of underwater cable installations, the construction of new bottom protections as well as backfilling and regulation works on the bottom in the port.


According to the design assumptions, the dredging works in the port were divided into 6 phases:

Phase 1 - deepening of Avanport
Phase 2 - deepening of the Awanport and the Port Channel on the section between turntable No. 1 and turntable No. 2
Phase 3 - deepening of the Port Channel
Phase 4 - deepening of the Basin V
Phase 5 - deepening ot the Basin IV
Phase 6 - deepening of the Basin III

The presented photos are courtesy of Mr. Mikołaj Połoczański.